After being in the Houston area this past weekend for a family wedding, we decided to alter our original plans of attending both morning and evening services at churches in Houston.  We headed home during the afternoon with plans to stop at a church we had seen beside the interstate in Vidor, Texas.  Upon calling the church to find out service times, we realized we wouldn’t make it to their service as they meet at 4 pm.  Upon our request, the pastor recommended another church in town.  We arrived at Grace Baptist Church without any knowledge of the church or its pastor.  There are NO coincidences for children of the King of the Universe!!!  The pastor of Grace Baptist “happened” to be the grandfather of a young man that served with us on a short-term missions trip to Peru in 2011, while he was a student at PCC.  That young man’s dad (the pastor’s son) is a missionary to Guatemala supported by our sending church.  Jim was asked just before the service started if he would preach and present our work.  What a blessing to be able to do so when we least expected this.  This small, older congregation loved on us with their interest in our work, willingness to pray for us, and financial gifts.  Pastor Charles Lott and his wife (“Miss Sarah”) treated us to dinner at DQ before we got back on the road to return to Pensacola.  We were blessed beyond measure by God’s Divine appointment for us in Vidor, Texas.