Dear Friends and Family,

As we continue serving here in Paraguay, we are always thankful for each person who takes the time to support us with their prayers.  It is why these missionary updates are known as prayer letters.  We know that the work needs the prayers of God’s people.

We are excited to report that our youth outreaches have seen fruit in young people coming to church.  Lately, most of the young people coming to the activities are friends of a young man in the church named Lucas.  One of these friends is a seventeen-year-old named Tobias who is now coming to every service.  One of our men has started a Bible study with Lucas and Tobias on Saturday mornings. Please pray for all the young people to truly understand the Gospel and to be saved and discipled.  There have been other adult visitors over the last few weeks as well.  Our desire is the desire of any Bible preaching church.  We long to see souls saved and saints edified.

We have mentioned a young lady named Viviana in previous letters.  She expressed a strong desire to be baptized.  Her unsaved parents reluctantly gave their permission.  It was exciting to see her take this step of obedience the day before she turned 18.

As we mentioned in our last letter, Matthew has been accepted to an electrical lineman school in Northern Georgia.  He will begin in early January.  Please pray for him as he enters this new chapter of life.  Amelia just turned seventeen on Saturday.  She faithfully holds an English Bible study each week for fellow missionary daughters and ex-pat girls.  It is a joy to see her spiritual growth in the last several months.  Sophia faithfully teaches our children’s class having 3-4 girls each service.  She has a love for people, and our desire is that the Lord will use her greatly.  It is a blessing to see both of our girls growing into beautiful young ladies who serve alongside of us.

We are again grateful for each of you as you hold the ropes for us so that we may serve here in Paraguay.  Only eternity will reveal the fruit of your sacrifices for the cause of world-wide missions.

Your Missionaries,

Jim and Kari Showers