It’s hard to express how wonderfully the Lord has blessed us and encouraged our hearts through this first month of full-time travel. In total, we were able to share our burden for Paraguay in six churches (much of which was described by Kari in her post titled, “January Update.”)

Since that update, we have been blessed by the families at Haven Tabernacle Baptist in Pensacola, First Baptist of Trenton, Chiefland Baptist Church, and Faith Bible Baptist in Century, Florida (where I managed to fall and knock over the partition-wall on the platform, along with the potted plants and the podium that held the projector and DVD player. Then I knocked my phone off the pulpit so that I had no way of telling time while I preached.) Despite the funny mishap, the Lord blessed and we had a very nice meeting and fellowship with Pastor Barrow’s family. Lol!

I can’t count the number of God’s people who told us this month that they’d pray for the Showers family and more importantly, the people of Paraguay!

As you read this, will you prayerfully consider us? Much more importantly, will you pray for Paraguay?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow…