So many things have happened since our last update, and we are excited to share of God’s goodness to the Showers’ family.  In our last update, we mentioned a lady named Kate who was interested in hearing more of the gospel from one of the Army chaplains at Fort Bragg.  Chaplain Hargis had the privilege of leading her to the Lord the week after Easter.  It was also thrilling to see a husband and wife get saved on Easter Sunday in Wytheville, Virginia.  They had raised their hand following Pastor Davis’ message Sunday morning indicating they were not saved; however, they did not speak to anyone that morning or make a decision for Christ.  They returned Sunday evening and heard the plan of salvation once again as Jim preached.  So thankful that while we sow and water the seed, it is the LORD that giveth the increase.  That Wednesday night, the wife brought her sister to church, and she got saved.  We then got word that the following Sunday the couple followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.  The wife’s mom came to see them get baptized, and she was also saved.  What rejoicing we shared over these precious souls.
We culminated our last set of meetings with a mission’s conference in Panama City, Florida.  It was our first full-length mission’s conference (Wednesday through Sunday) to be part of, and we so enjoyed ourselves.  What a blessing to get to know the church family as well as the other missionaries who were there.  Our hearts were so touched during the final service when the church voted to financially support all four new missionaries.  Within the last two weeks, we have had 5 churches partner with us financially, bringing our support to just over 53%.  We stand in awe at the provision God has provided to us through His people!
We returned to Pensacola for Jim to officially graduate from seminary (classes were finished in August).  He had never before marched in his own graduation, and it was an emotional day for sure.

It was sweet to be able to spend Mother’s Day with both our moms in Pensacola.  It has been hard to witness the continued decline in the health of Kari’s mom.  Kari has been able to be part of doctor’s appointments and coordinating care while we have been back.  Several have mentioned of their prayers for her mom (Linda Kelley), and we are so touched by your compassionate intercession.  Thank you!!!
We will be leaving Pensacola on May 20th for meetings in Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan before returning for more meetings in Florida and Alabama.  Thankfully our truck has traveled well since its last set of repairs.  We do continue to covet your prayers for our safety.  Our children are thrilled to think they will be done with this school year when we leave Pensacola next week.
It was thrilling to learn that $100,000 was donated by one of our co-laborers supporting churches for the purchase of land in Paraguay.  Please continue to pray that the rest of the needed amount will come in, and also that the right piece of land will be obtained.
It is humbling to know that the God of all creation has entrusted people (His children) with the precious gift of the Gospel.  We are so thankful to be able to share the Gospel as we travel, and look forward to the day when we help get the Gospel to the Paraguayan people.  Please continue to pray for our family; but most of all, pray for Paraguay!