It has been a very busy month since we last updated, especially since Christmas was during that time.  We traveled to our first set of meetings last Wednesday.  Our first meeting was a camp meeting at Faith Baptist Church in Perry, FL.  Our intent in going was to hear the Word of God preached and also to hopefully meet pastors that would consider allowing us to share our burden for Paraguay.  Friday night, Pastor Nawlin approached Jim and asked him to present our ministry and preach during the Saturday morning service.  It was our first time to publicly show our video!!!  The response to that service was very encouraging.  One of the highlights of the camp meeting was getting to know the Craig family, musical evangelists.  It is always special to see the bond we have in Christ with other believers.  And it was fun to be able to hear stories to encourage our faith from a family who also travels full-time in a camper.  Our kids made several new friends and hated to say goodbye.

Sunday night we were about 40 miles from Perry at First Baptist Church of Steinhatchee.  What a wonderful service and time of fellowship we shared there.  We especially enjoyed getting to know Pastor and Mrs. Leon Holden and their girls.  As the Lord would have it, we were able to meet Pastor Holden’s son (Pastor Chris Holden) during the camp meeting.  He extended an invitation to come to his church in Chiefland, FL.   We recognize that there are no coincidences with God.  We “just happen” to have a meeting 11 miles from Chiefland in two weeks on a Sunday morning.  Pastor Chris graciously scheduled us (very last minute) for that Sunday evening.

As of today we have a total of 53 meetings on the books.  We are so excited about the months ahead.  Our home church is having special meetings this week.  Monday night (right after we returned home) we heard a challenging reminder to not forget, amidst the busyness of ministry, what our priority should be.  One of our Lord’s greatest priorities here during His earthly ministry was to give mercy to sinners.  May we never forget that the Gospel is what our focus should be each day!