Much has happened in the last month, and we are excited to share of the goodness of God in our lives and ministry.  We had ten meetings in the month of January, including visiting and updating one of our earliest supporting churches.  It is not common to be able to visit a supporting church while still on deputation, but the pastor had asked us to stop in if we were ever in the area.  It was a blessing to see these individuals who have supported us for nearly a year.

Two of our meetings last month were in Alaska.  Originally Jim was going to go alone, but plans changed and Kari was able to go as well.  We are very thankful for two families in our home church who willingly kept our children so Kari could go.  The meetings went really well with Jim preaching five times between both churches.  Following the Sunday morning service in Fairbanks,  a visitor trusted Christ to be her Savior.  What a blessing!  Please pray that Gloria will continue to come to church and be discipled as a new Christian.  The time away was a blessing to our marriage as well, since deputation does not allow for many husband-wife dates.  The beauty of God’s creation was incredible as we were able to see the snow covered mountains, including Mt. McKinley, the Northern Lights, and moose.

We are excited to report that in the last week five churches have decided to partner with us financially in getting the Gospel to Paraguay.  This is a direct answer to prayer, and we thank each of you who have faithfully been praying for this matter.  Since our last prayer letter, we have received confirmation by faith that the Lord would have us go to Mexico for language school starting in May, and our plane tickets have been purchased.  Jim will leave May 3rd, and the rest of the family will fly out May 11th.  Would you please pray fervently for us as there is much to accomplish before then.  We have sixteen meetings remaining on our calendar, including three missions conferences.  Please pray for safety and for our support to reach 100%.  Also, we need to sell our truck and fifth wheel prior to departure.  Please feel free to contact us if you know of anyone who might be interested in the details.

We are currently back in Pensacola with a break in meetings.  We depart at the end of February and will not return until just prior to our departure in May.  During this time, we are preparing our camper to be sold, packing and organizing for our time in Mexico, and enjoying last opportunities to fellowship with our family and friends.

As our deputation draws to a close, we are preparing for our arrival in Paraguay.  We have been diligently saving our support to help offset the costs of our passage and set-up.  We will need to cover the expense of visas, plane tickets, extra luggage (shipping a container is prohibitively expensive), household set-up (furniture, appliances, etc.), and the purchase of a family vehicle that is suitable for a bus route.  Would you prayerfully consider helping us with these expenses?  Donations can be sent to our sending church. Please designate “Showers Family Passage Fund.”


We do praise the Lord for each of you,


Jim and Kari Showers