December 2022 Prayer Letter
Dear Friends and Family,

It is hard to believe we are at the close of 2022. The weeks are moving so quickly! Although technically still spring here (for two more weeks), the weather has decided it is the middle of summer. Many of the stores are playing Christmas songs in English. It is funny to hear “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” as we sweat in nearly 100-degree temperatures.

The work at Iglesia Bautista La Victoria is going well. The occasional visitor has come through the doors, but we desire fruit that remains. Please pray that the Lord would bring those that need to hear the precious saving truth of the gospel. Each Saturday a small group continues to pass out tracts and invite those around us to church. We know that we are being obedient in doing our part, and we trust the Lord to work on the hearts of those we meet each week.

Kari is planning a Christmas party in our home for the ladies who attend our church. We have a young lady who just graduated high school who attends each Sunday morning. She is saved, but her parents are not. We have been praying for their salvation. Kari has extended an invitation for Viviana’s mom to come to the party, hoping that this will be an open door for future contact.

As a church, we will be having a Christmas service followed by a dinner on Friday, December 23rd. We look forward to sharing this special time with our group of brothers and sisters in Christ who come so faithfully. The Lord is truly knitting our hearts together as a family with them.

Back in June, our home church purchased plane tickets for us to return to the U.S. for three weeks at the end of December to spend time with our parents and son Matthew. At that time, we had no way of knowing that we would be going back in September. However, as they are non-refundable, we will be going back as planned. We look forward to being at our home church for a special meeting held each January. Jim has decided to rent out his mother’s home. We have had a contractor making some needed repairs. During our time back in Pensacola, we will finish getting the house ready and make the preparations for it to be rented. Please pray for all these details and for a good trip.

Merry Christmas from our family to each of you. We are thankful for your prayers and faithfulness to our family and ministry.

Jim and Kari Showers