August/September Newsletter

Greetings from the great state of Texas! We left Pensacola almost one week ago for our longest stretch away yet—95 days (at least). We headed west and had meetings in Picayune, MS; Covington, LA; and Lake Charles, LA. During our time in Picayune we had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans with Pastor Wilson and his family to the World War II Museum. It was a neat experience for each of us to be reminded of the brave men and women who fought during those years to preserve our freedom. What an honor it was to be able to meet two veterans of WWII—a marine pilot and an army medic (both 92 years old). Matthew and Kari especially enjoyed hearing their stories. One of the advantages of homeschooling is the ability to make subjects come alive with experiences like that.

Today we entered Texas where we will be for the remainder of this trip. We have eighteen meetings (including three missions conferences) scheduled between August 30th and November 22nd. Please pray that the Lord would bless these meetings and also provide more meetings for the remainder of the year. We currently do not have any meetings scheduled after November 22nd through the end of the year, but are working to fill our schedule. We do look forward to seeing family and friends while we are in Texas as Jim has family in Houston and Kari has family in San Antonio and Dallas.

We are excited to share some praises which have occurred since our last prayer letter. It was a thrill to see a first time visitor to First Baptist Church of Seminole (AL) trust Christ as Savior during the invitation. Please pray that Dane will grow in his new walk as a Christian. Following our time at Calvary Baptist’s VBS, we were told that a young lady received Christ as Savior and several others spiritual decisions were made. Our family rejoiced to hear that two churches in Michigan decided to partner with us as “senders” for the Showers family. We were in a church that refers to those who support missionaries as “senders” and that title fits perfectly. God does not call all to GO to a foreign field. But to those whom He calls to STAY, He also calls to be “senders.” It is difficult to express in a letter, but we are so grateful for the churches and individuals who are our “senders.” Without each of you, we would not be able to GO to Paraguay.

On a personal note, our time in Pensacola during July and August gave us many special opportunities including meeting Kari’s niece for the first time and babysitting her four days a week once her mommy returned to work. Matthew was able to go on his first youth group trip (Six Flags in Atlanta). Kari was able to help care for her mom during the week while her dad worked, and she was able to get away to a ladies’ conference with a friend. Jim was able to do some important brake repairs on our truck. There were also special times spent with friends whom we love and miss when we are away. Saying goodbye is part of our journey, but it is never easy!

We serve a GREAT God! Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf. We know that God has blessed as a result of your prayers.

Sincerely, Jim & Kari Showers